A good teacher assigns homework to the students, then provides them an example.  

Now, the BUffalo Goddess instructs us to activate the Earth Medicine Wheel     learn more <O>

Her sister the Bee Goddess, Bhrameri Devi, provides a superb homework demonstration  for all of us studious Earthlings here at Earth School. 

Bee Prepared!! A beautiful documentary project is now incubating! 

Through this movie, we join a  troupe of modern-day bee priestess "melissae" who care for hives of honey bees and flowers.   They're happy to demonstrate ways to perform simple ceremonies in observance of Mother Earth's natural holy days/holidays.   Getting to the roots of the matter, they embark upon a pilgrimage to explore the ancestral honey culture of Crete which thrived in peace and harmony around 4,000 years ago.   Crete prepares the bee priestesses to visit the land of the Maya where archeological evidence proves their reverence for the bees hundreds of years ago.   The "melissae" pilgrims will exchange teachings with modern-day Mayan bee shamans who care for sacred honey bees called "Melaponia"  that have no stinger and produce medicinal honey!  

​When we retrieve memories of our ancestors' harmonious ways, we inspire beautiful visions of what is possible.  
In this manner, we are seeding the collective consciousness to ensure the positive potential of the Aquarian Age.


Please enjoy the Bee Goddess's 7 minute video teaser.  

May the Buzzzzz bee with you!

"Honey  Bees  of  the  Venus  Star"

      The "melissae" womyn practice respect as they ‘walk the path of beauty’.   For instance, before stepping onto the shore of Crete, they petition the spirits of the land for permission to be there and for divine guidance during their stay.  All along their journey, the womyn demonstrate ways to conduct ceremonial practices at sacred places during auspicious alignments.   It’s rumoured that in ancestral Crete, Summer Solstice was celebrated as the New Year when the golden honey was really flowing!   For thousands of years, harmony of the natural world has been the domain of the honey bees.  At several temple sites, archeologists have uncovered amazing gold bee pendants.   The womyn travel with an intention to delve deeply into the past through telepathic meditations with these sacred objects.   They will paint the picture of a harmonious culture which created these wonderful pieces of art which had ceremonial purposes.  

     The pilgrims 'happen' to meet a western astrologer who's led her students to Crete to observe Venus's return as the evening star.  Arielle has written a book to describe the little-known phenomenon called the "Venus Star".  Very few Earthlings are aware of an inspiring fact of life . . . . .  a 5-pointed star is perpetually being drawn by Earth and Venus around the Sun  as the planets ‘meet’ while circling in their respective orbits.  The points of the star are actually the times when Venus returns to be the evening star or alternatively the morning star in our sky.   And, most importantly, this ‘Venus Star’ is in accordance with the Golden Ratio of harmony.    

     What about the relationship of honey bees to Venus?  On her exploratory journey to Maya land, a forager scout ‘melissae’ was told matter-of-factly by numerous people that the honey bees are a precious gift sent to Mother Earth from her sister, Venus.  As well, a Mayan scholar showed her this connection of the honey bees and Venus portrayed in the images and glyphs of the Madrid Codex.   The bee priestesses and Mayan bee shamans will conduct ceremonies together with intention of restoring harmony and beauty.  They will observe Equinox with a ceremony at the temple called Chichen Itza – to attune with the serpent of light that moves down the temple stairway on the first day of Spring and Autumn.    Was this serpent somehow inspired by the Crete snake priestesses who's statuettes can be still seen in the museums?

Of course, the 'melissae' pilgrims will be looking up at Grandmother Moon and cultivating her waxing-waning cycles in advantageous ways through ceremony.