Bear Butte, east side, part of  the sacred Black Hills situated in the heart centre of Turtle Island (North American continent)

*Trees    Hathor is known as "Lady of the Sycamore".   Note that the tree known as 'Sycamore' in northern climates is unrelated to the Sycomore of Africa and the southern  Mediterranean.  Hathor's Sycomore is the Sycomore-fig, the earliest cultivated fig tree. Its fruit is orange-red, rounder than the common fig, and slightly less sweet.  The tree is long-lived and grows along riverbanks to a height of about 60 feet, much larger than the common fig.  

The Sycomore is a generous tree, offering its fruit year-round.  The association of the fig with Hathor evokes the idea of fig wine, and her new year rites were revels of dancing, music and wine.  Her priestess cult was an ecstatic one, with a strong emphasis on music, particularly percussion of the sistrum.

Some scholars consider the nurturing Goddess Hathor to be the proverbial "Tree of Life".  

For one reason .  .. . . Natural pyramids happen to be "growing" here!


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*Sun Connection   Hathor is depicted with a solar disc between her horns.  Her name means "House of Horus", who is the falcon-headed Sun god.  Thus, she is considered the mother of Horus and therefore the primordial mother of all that is.  

Some students of the sacred feminine claim that Hathor's previous emanation was/is Sekhmet the wrathful protective Sun Goddess.   Sekhmet has the head of a lioness & the body of a woman.  More shape-shifting with these gals!!  


White ​Buffalo Calf Woman gave us a ceremony to honour, bless and teach an adolescent girl when she begins her moontime.  The Lakota name for this ritual translates to mean "They Sing Over Her Alone", indicating the proper definition of a virgin, 'a woman who is whole and complete unto herself'.  

The ceremony  called, "Making of Relations", encouraged people to adopt others into the extended family in a sacred way.  

During her visit to the Lakotas 300 years ago, the BUffalo Goddess admonished the women, "It appears as though the hunters are the most powerful ones here because you are naturally not strong enough to hunt the buffalos who feed you.  However, realize that you have the gift to bear new life through your bodies, and then you are responsible for teaching the small children to be kind and loving.  Always remember that the woman is the source of life."

White BUffalo Calf Woman is from the Pleiades and she may be the Pleiadian star mother of "Fallen Star" in a Lakota legend.  Many other indigenous peoples have such Pleiadian legends.

Whenever a shooting star is sighted in the night sky, she is invoked by calling out her name, "Wo Ope!" "Wo Ope! " (Robert Standing Bear).   
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  White BUffalo Calf woman taught the "Keeping of the Soul" ritual to help people cope with the inevitable death of their beloved relatives. 

In her Sun Dance ceremony, the living Cottonwood tree which is placed as an altar in the centre ultimately sacrifices itself as an aspect of this ceremony of renewal for all life. 

Egyptian sarcophagus made of Sycamore wood

Amira's suggestion leads to investigating commonalities between these two feminine deities:

Shape Shifters   Hathor was originally worshipped in the form of a cow.  Later she is represented as a woman with the head of a cow, and finally with a human head, the face broad and placid, sometimes she is depicted with the ears or horns of a cow.  Shape shifting is one of White BUffalo Calf Woman's favourite tricks.  When she appeared 19 generations ago with the sacred pipe, she showed herself in human form.  As the people watched her cross over the horizon, they witnessed a white buffalo calf standing in her place.

Story of a goddess emissary:
In Saskatoon Octobre 2004, I met with an Egyptian woman, Amira, who's a visual artist as well as a retired professor of art at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work called, 'The Veiling of Isis',  was commissioned by the United Nations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

Amira takes notes as she
listens.  I share that a legend-like vision was given to me during meditation.  I ask her permission to portray this Egyptian Goddess legend as an explanation of the Earth Shift that occured 11,500 years ago & resulted in Earth's tilted axis.  The wise Egyptian lady offers her blessings.  

The beautiful bronze sculpture of White Buffalo Calf Woman was created by Brule' artist, Charles Rencountre.   Notice that she's holding the sacred pipe at an angle that matches the angle of the Djed pillar!  This is about 23.5 degrees, the same angle as the tilt of Earth's vertical axis.  The four sections on the Djed pillar may symbolize the Four Seasons of the year and/or the 4 directions.    The seasons are marked by the solstices and equinoxes -- the  'four pathways of the Sun' as described by the Mayans.  These four markers of our year are at the heart of the BUffalo Goddess's instructions for all of us here at Earth School, approaching the Aquarian Age.    

"Miracle" the sacred white buffalo calf as a contemporary emanation of Hathor the Egyptian solar/cow goddess

The Grandmother Drum created in Alaska

Then, I recount the legend of White BUffalo Calf Woman who came to the prairies around 300 years ago.  Amira lights up with glee!  She asks, "Have you ever considered that this White BUffalo Woman is an aspect of the Egyptian solar cow goddess, HATHOR?"  This notion had not occurred to me.  She adds,  "don't think of Hathor as a domestic milk cow.  In ancient Egypt the 'cows' were actually Water Buffalo."    She explains that most  contemporary religions and many popular icons actually have their origins in ancient Egypt. 

For example, Jesus & Mary are really baby Horus and his mother, the goddess, Isis. 

 As it 'happened', a few days later in Regina, a dear friend invited me to visit the Museum of Natural History, where a display of  ancient buffalos presented a great surprize & confirmation!  The horns of the original prairie bison, classified as bison latifrons, resemble the horns of Egyptian water buffalo!

the 7 Hathors playing frame drum

 relief in the Dendara temple of Hathor

*Death  Hathor,  in her role as "lady of the southern Sycomore" welcomed the arrival of the deceased to the underworld, dispensing water to the souls of the dead from the branches of a sycomore and offering them food. Hathor was also represented as a cow suckling the soul of the dead, thus giving them sustenance during their mummification and their journey to the judgement hall, and the weighing of their soul.  

​Hathor temple.  Dendera, Egypt  

​​*Star Origins  Our Sun is, of course, one of zillions of stars.  Hathor is a sky goddess, known as "Lady of Stars" and "Sovereign of Stars".  Her ancient and extensive roots reflect in the fact that she was worshipped in Egypt for over 3,000 years!  

The "Seven Hathors" who interpret a baby's true identity and destined life path are the 7 stars of the Pleiades. 

Lakota legend describes Buffalo Calf Woman as very beautiful to look at.  She wore an exquisite dress with sacred quill designs.  Romance was brought to a deeper level when she gifted them the sacred pipe & it's symbolic teachings of marriage regarding the sacred balance of the masculine & feminine.  The pipe of peace used for ritual prayer implies harmony, which is an enhanced version of beauty.  

All of her 7 ceremonies include songs.  Music in the form of special sacred songs accompanied by drumming are a vital aspect of her 7 sacred ceremonies.   Today, drumming is included in most sacred ceremonies being performed all around the world! 

White BUffalo Calf Woman's Sun Dance is centered around a tall  leafy Cottonwood tree.  

At the outset of the ritual, the tree shows itself to the intercessor of the dance in a sacrificial gesture, then it is ceremonially chopped down and carried to the arbor where people attach prayer flags.  The sacred tree is then planted in the ground and erected in the middle of the circle where it becomes an altar for the peoples' prayers for the next four days and nites.

The Buffalo Goddess as legendary White BUffalo Calf Woman is best known as the bringer of the sacred 'chanupa' or pipe of peace.   Interestingly, imagery on walls of the Egyptian temple at Abydos shows the pharaoh offering a similar instrument to the Sun God, Horus!   

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Egyptian Origins of White BUffalo Calf Woman

According to Lakota legend, the  Sun Dance is one of the 7sacred ceremonies brought by White BUffalo Calf Woman.  

She has also been referred to as "the Sun Woman who brought the sacred pipe of peace"

(Chief Luther Standing Bear).

*Beauty & Harmony   Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of beauty -- known as "the mistress of life" and she was seen as the embodiment of joy, love, song, dance & romance.  Music was a special gift and her instrument was the sistrum.   She's also depicted playing a frame hand drum.  Some students of the divine feminine equate her with the Greek Aprohodite or the Roman Venus.  The Hathor mirror was made of copper or bronze.   

*Women   Hathor was the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She was considered the protectress of pregnant women and a midwife. She was the patron of all women, no matter their station in life.  

Raising of the Djed pillar in Egypt was an annual ceremony performed to restore the sacred order of life.   Djed means "stability".

How fascinating that the Sundance tree is erected to a vertical position in a manner very similar to the raising of the Egyptian Djed pilar!       

Why would Hathor choose to return onto the contemporary scene

as a Buffalo Goddess out on the Great Plains?