Summer Solstsice, 2015.   Extraordinary Crystal Skull  makes a visit to Mt Shasta sacred site.  This sacred power object is playing an active role to help activate the Earth Medicine Wheel. 

"I'm glad to be here and I hope that we can continue to grow in numbers because I feel that the masses are the ones who are going to change things."

Summer Solstice 2016   Sacred Black Hills (South Dakota)  This beautifull area in the heart of the vast Great Plains is an oasis of forests, streams, and impressive stone formations.  The Hills are situated near the geographic centre of Turtle Island, North American continent.  In NASA satellite photos, we see that the Hills are actually shaped like a human heart.  The traditional Lakotas call this sanctuary the "heart of the home and the home of the heart".    This place is Mother Earth's natural temple !  Distinctive tall peaks compare to the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan temple structures,  naturally designed to send the peoples' singing, drumming, chanting and prayers up and out  to the Sun and into the galaxy.  Simultaneously, the veins of gold and quartz crystal transmit the peoples' prayers deep into the heart of Mother Earth.

Autumn 2015.    Water elementals in the west.  We hear their message at the  sacred site called Mt Shasta, California, where clear, pristine waters (headwater of the Sacramento River) flowing from the base of the mountain have nourished the people for eons of time.  Now, this precious water is being threatened.  In response, the people of Shasta are uniting to stop the Crystal Geyser water bottling operation.  

Our Summer Solstice prayers were amplified by the alignment of a rare Full Moon (occurs on solstice every 70 years)  and with the presence of a mysterious, powerful Crystal Skull which was 'discovered' in the direction of the south.  This amazing sacred object was located on January, 1924  beneath Mayan temple rubble at Lubantuun in Belize   Summer in the northern hemisphere is associated with the direction of the South on the Earth Medicine Wheel.  

The BUffalo Goddess has an exciting, fun, and transformational nature-based assignment for students of all ages here at Earth School.   Here are her instructions:

The grandeur of Mt Shasta in perspective.   The mountain is an active volcano, and extra terrestial sightings are often reported here too!

The Crystal Skull connects with the water elementals in Sedona, Arizona, before arriving at Mt Shasta.

The Minnemen Wintu people are the traditional custodians of this land.  Their Chief, Caleen Sisk, presented her eloquent keynote talk at the Mt Shasta teach-in organized by the group Water Flows Free on 26 Septembre.

(segments of her speech shared in this video)