​The Symbolism:  YONI is a skanskrit word meaning womb or vagina.    Yoni symbolism is a part of spiritual traditions in every part of the globe-from naturally occurring rock formations revered by North American Native peoples to the shakta-pithas of Hindu temples, and from early Celtic sheela-na-gig carvings to the Japanese kagura ritual.  We see this primal motif in Australian Aboriginal folk tales, in alchemy, in Tantric practices, and in contemporary art by painters such as Georgia O'Keefe and Judy Chicago.

The standing Guadess surrounded by an elliptical halo of rays is yet another version of the yoni, suggesting that she's the source of  of the life-giving divine feminine, from which all life is birthed.   In her Aztec form as Tonatzin, she was a mother goddess & an Earth goddess.   In 1666, a group of royal physicians came to examine the sacred ayatl and when they looked at the back of the image, they were amazed to see a mysterious green oval!

Anjali Mudra has the same meaning as the Sanskrit greeting "Namaste" and can be performed while saying "Namaste" or "Pranam", or in place of vocalizing the word.
The gesture is used for both greetings and farewells, but carries a deeper significance than a simple "hello" or "goodbye". The joining together of the palms is said to provide connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification or "yoking".  This yoking is symbolic of the practitioner's connection with the divine in all things. Hence, performing Anjali Mudra is an honouring of both the self and the other as the gesture acknowledges the divinity of both practitioner and recipient. 

A MUDRA is a gesture or position of the hands that specifically guides energy flows & reflexes of the brain for producing effects such as tranquility or healing.  Each finger is associated with a different element,  planet & human quality. 

Notice that the Guadess holds her little finger apart from the rest.  This is the Mercury finger that corresponds with qualities of intuition and the ethereal.  Interestingly, her finger posture resembles the Aztec glyph for the lord of the wind, Ehectl (shown in the inserted image).  

Mudras are incorporated  into yoga and in ritual Hindu dances.   

The Guadess holds her hands  at her heart chakra (Anahata) in the ANJALI Mudra.  Anjali is Sanskrit for "divine offering", "a gesture of reverence", "salutation", and is derived from Anj, meaning "to celebrate".      

The Guadess performs ancient yoga mudra with an Aztec embellishment !

Guadess emphasizes the  Four Sacred Directions

To commemorate Tonatzin's shape-shifting mystical appearance  in 1531, people throughout Mexico perform sacred dances and make pilgrimages between Decembre 9th - 12th with deep reverence and in spirit of celebration.    

Danza de la Atlachinolli performed annually by Aztec dancers to celebrate the Guadess's holy days Dec 9-12th.  
(photos taken in  2012)

Eight-pointed Gold stars are scattered on the Guadess's blue shawl.  However, these stars are not arranged in a repeating pattern as with typical printed cloth, nor are they scattered randomly.  These stars are placed in exact alignment as were the constellations of that winter sky in December 1531 !

 The stars on Guaddess's image reflects the meaning of her Aztec name:


"She Who Comes Flying from the Region of Light Like an Eagle of Fire."

                  ​The rays of light blazing around her suggest the sunrise or perhaps Venus shining as the morning star?

One of the few preserved Aztec Codices displays four versions of Tezcatlipoca with the world tree that  appears in each of the four sacred directions.

The Guadess has a an oval, or egg at her throat that's said to be golden in colour.  The world egg, or "cosmic egg" is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures, among them Greek, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Finnish.  

"Visualize the Earth as a Medicine Wheel with 4 cardinal directions

that correspond to the 4 True Holy Days of Mother Earth -- the Solstices and Equinoxes.  

Gather in your communities at these holy days/holidays

to offer prayers, celebrate, share wisdom teachings, and actively raise environmental awareness."  

These are the sacred instructions of  White BUffalo Calf Woman,

the other prominent and dynamic North American goddess.  

According to her legend, she describes a mythical buffalo that symbolizes a very long cycle of life for Mother Earth.  When this buffalo falls off it's fourth leg, a new grand cycle of life will begin.  

The time is NOW!

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"Tuanasavi" is the  Hopi symbol for cycles.  The symbol teaches the principle of balance.  The Hopi prophecy refers to a Day of Purification when this Fourth World will complete and a new Fifth World be birthed.  Corresponding to the Aquarian Age.

Within the egg,  the Guadess has drawn an encircled equilateral cross. This is one of the most ancient legacies we have received from our ancestors.  It appears in cultures around the world and throughout time.  In all cultures the meaning is the same..   It is a visual description of a cycle.    

Learn about White BUffalo Calf Woman's  Egyptian past <<O>>

The Guadess as Yoni !

The Symbolism:  Beneath the Guaddess is a little boy 'angelito' who's hanging onto the hems of her gown & shawl.  Perhaps again suggesting that she is the source of all that is sacred and to be held onto.  Now, the crescent!  Is this the horns of an animal, a crescent moon, or an eclipse?  We can expand our thinking here and interpret as either or both!

                                                          First, the Horns of an Animal. 
A prehistoric Latifron Bison roamed North America until 20,000 years ago. These early buffalos stood over 8 feet tall at the shoulder with horns that spanned  over 6 feet across.  The arc of these horns matches curve of the Guadess's crescent!  And they are similar to the style of Egyptian water buffalo horns.  Bison are solid earthy creatures, firmly planting their hooves while savouring the blanket of wild grasses with a divine purpose to provide sustenance for their 2-legged relations. 

Remember, that in her previous Aztec incarnation as Tonatzin, Guadalupe was an Earth goddess.  She also displays her alliance with White BUffalo Calf Woman in this symbol.    

Celebrations of the Guadess ​have continued for hundreds of years!

She's a Guadess of the Cosmic Egg !

The Guaddess is a dearly beloved aspect of the peoples' everyday lives throughout Mexico and Central America.  

She protects and graces this bus as it careens around the narrow roads of Guatemala.

   Crescent Moon of the Guadess  

Is the crescent symbolizing a lunar or solar eclipse?  

Are the Ancestral Moon Goddesses  and Sun Goddesses showing their support for our Earth Guadess? 

During these events, Sun and Moon enjoy a grand embrace, perhaps sharing kisses to mystically beam their love upon us.   

Eclipses amplify the potential for dramatic changes !   

A Solar Eclipse?
The  instructions of the Ghost Dance Prophecy were received by Wovoka, a Paiute holy man, 

during a total solar eclipse on the New Year's morning of January 1st 1889.  

The Ghost Dance is central to the BUffalo Goddess's  docudrama movie entitled, "Spirit of Sagittarius". 

The Guadess gives us a Stellar Performance !

​​The Guaddess knows about firm support

The cosmic egg symbolizes a beginning, and hatching of the egg brings new existence to the world. 

This egg, positioned at her throat chakra, tells us that the powerful, creative and very present ancestral goddesses have much to say  at this pivotal time for Mother Earth and humanity.