How does an ancestral deity effectively communicate with modern-day Earthlings???


Being inherently omniscient, our BUffalo Goddess has the perfect answer.  

She observes the Earthlings'  passion for a good movie.

Therefore, she intends to share the instructions of her prophecy through a stimulating docu-drama!

The 6 minute video preview is available at this link <O>

                                             The  Sacred  Feminine paradigm is resurrecting!
                                During a strange Autumn out on the prairies, around 300 years ago,

                                                   the buffalo suddenly vanished.
                      The suffering Lakota hunters were finally visited by a powerful BUffalo Goddess.

            She gave them teachings about cycles of life

                                                               and promised to return when this cycle is ending (now).
                                                                     She's keeping her promise.